My Time with Marching Band

The Calgary Stampede Showband

So recently I got the chance to take photos of local marching bands at an event called "Celebration of Sound."

Of these marching bands, I am a actually a recent alumni of one of them, and was part of another that some time before. It was an odd experience standing in front of some of my good friends and watching them do what I almost feel like I should be doing, rather than taking photos of them. Which to be honest, is a feeling I have when going to concerts/photographing concerts. Being a professional musician was my biggest aspiration for such a long time, and I worked really hard through high school to try to make that happen, but a few things happened, and now I'm here. 

No one has a face in most cases.

Anyways, this is the first time I've gotten to take photos in a situation like this, so I didn't really know what to expect. I looked back at what has been done, and try to find things I liked, and things I didn't like in photos with similar content. Because what I have found more important than what I like are the things I dislike as there are far more, and easier to explain. Going from there, I took a few mental notes of possibilities, and mostly hoped for the best. Starting with a few easier shots to get (Drum majors, drum major salutes, front ensemble members, essentially things that aren't moving as much), where I would then place my focus on what was going on in the field. 

The Calgary Stetson Showband

This part was a little more difficult due to it being a football field, me being stuck essentially off the field, and have a maximum focal length of 200mm. Which worked out okay, there are a couple shots I wish I could get with something longer, but I think I managed mostly okay with what I ended up giving myself. In the future, I would hope to have something to get to 400mm or even 300mm. I thought of getting a teleconverter, and even bought one to see if it would work, but ended up being too nervous to use it. As the autofocus feature ended up not working with them Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 that I use, and was too scared to manual focus relatively fast moving objects and people. Which in hindsight wouldn't have been so bad (and possibly preferable in some instance), but I might do that the next time I get. 

The Calgary Round-up Band

The Calgary Round-up Band

After taking photos, and getting them onto a computer, they mostly turned out okay. I'm pretty happy with the quality of them, and the focus hit on most of them (there were a few stray ones here and there, and considering there were about 1000+ shots, I'm not surprised). It was a great experience for me to stand in front of these groups for once and enjoy the show experience from the other side. 

Till next time!