Stampede Day Five

The end of a pretty great afternoon set

I'm not gonna lie, today was kind of sh*t. It felt like one of those days where the world seems to be going against you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Here's a crap iPhone photo of what it looked like, guess which car is mine.

Which I wasn't expecting considering my day started out the same way it did for the past few, except the fact that the parking lot I normally park in was almost completely full besides the 4-hour limit parking area. Which at the time I thought would be fine, considering I would only be at the stampede ground for a few hours, and then I would go home at eat. Which apparently was not quite the case. I did only stay at park for a few hours, but possibly a few too many as rain had started coming it to where I was on park. Little did I know it was coming from the south and heading north. This was apparently a big deal because the train station had started flooding. Specifically, the area my car was parked in. It the water had rise up to the doors of my car, and some had gotten in and soaked the flooring on the inside of the car. I wasn't too sure whether any had gotten into the engine, or any other part that was vital, and at the time I just wanted to see if it would start up so I could head home.

Which thankfully it did.

As I head home, it takes about 3x longer than it normally would, as parts of the streets were also about 1.5ft deep of water. Lots of cars piled onto the sides with their hazards on, and many people not really able to get to where they want to go as the street was completely filled. 

I got home after an extended period of time sitting in traffic, and everything was going pretty okay. I got a few good photos of afternoon steps, and I had finally gotten home safely. Which after this point I thought everything would be okay, since the field-show that was happening even though it was pouring moments ago, and I had a functioning car.

Or so I thought. 

As I am driving to the venue, I get about half way, and onto a major road when my car starts to sputter, and stall. I should give preface that I drive an automatic, and that definitely shouldn't happen. So my instant thought is that some amount of water had gotten into my engine, and it could possibly die at this point. So I pull over onto the shoulder of the road, and restart my car. To my surprise, it was still alive and well and got me the rest of the way there, and all the way back without any problem. 

Which after this point it definitely couldn't get worse I thought to myself. At this point it really couldn't, but anything that could possibly be construed as bad or against me wouldn't make the mind set I had going to this show much better. Which as I am walking along the front part of the stands at McMahon stadium, I get a little talking to from the photographer on the field. If you haven't read the story from the previous field show, I essentially snuck onto the field to take photos when I wasn't suppose to. Which the talking to was definitely warranted, but with the way my day had gone, I wasn't exactly happy to get the talking to as I was already in a pretty foul and shaken up mood. So instead of sitting there festering and fuming my feelings, I head to Showband's warmup to see if I could get anything good out of the time I had there. I got a few ridiculous photos, and some other decent ones of members which was nice, and I stuck around to listen to the brass warmup which was nice as well.  

In the end, I had a great time there, and really enjoyed the shows I saw. 

Showband, you never fail to put a smile on my face

and congrats to Stetsons for winning the competition

But it just wasn't my day. 

5 more days!

Till next time.

StampedeKien Le