Stampede Day Six

Continuing on from the previous day, my day starts out a little early to deal with all the problems that my car has created. Just some insurance, and a rental for the time being. Which was actually quite easy to get done. 

Afterwards comes the regular part of this week which starts on the grounds to catch Showband's afternoon set. Today was incredibly busy for the fact it was the middle of the regular work week, but at the same time, is kind of a given, as today happen to be Kid's Day on the grounds. Where kids under the age of 12 got in for free, and was also open an extra 2 hours earlier than normal for those kids and the accompanying adults. On the grounds this happens to be one of the busiest days, and sort of the most stressful to navigate around with so many small bodies running around, but also a great moment for adorable photo opportunities of interactions of the bands and those kids. A moment right before afternoon steps even started that I just found hilarious was a small child picking up a flag that the guard had set down, and looking so confused as to why he had to put it back. Or maybe that's just the way some kids look... I can never really tell, as I'm not one who's the best with kids. So this entire day creates a somewhat interesting dynamic between myself and a majority of the grounds. 

The weather held out for the entirety of the steps show, and it mostly went off without a hitch, with a few very small hiccups in the show, but nothing anyone should really nitpick at this point. Afterwards heading to see the Peking Acrobats show that was about to start. The line up for the show gets a little ridiculous with some people lining up a full hour before the show starts, and getting to the point the line ends up out of the building. Which if this line stood for anything, it would be how good the show could be. And this may be due to my own high expectations of the show, but it fell quite short of what I had expected. By no means is the show bad, but after watching the Ramp Up show at the Bell Adrenaline Ranch, I expected some more extreme stunts and such. Lots of factors could have influenced the show I went to, but I may go another day just to see. 

After the acrobats show had finished, myself and the group of friends I was with headed to the steps and watched the Red Deer Royals perform a set. While there, running into band people who had gotten on break (some of whom are alum of the Royals). They had a good set, and played some great music. I got a few photos of them, most of them not great. 

Afterwards, we all headed to go watch the Showriders to see what they do. To be completely honest, I only ever had a vague idea of what they did, and that is what somewhat similar to what we do, just with horses. With the definition, it's mostly accurate to go with the idea of a musical ride (or at least to me it fits). What they do is quite amazing, and I had quite a good time watching them do what they do. 

Heading out of the building once they're show ended, The front-ensemble had started their circuit just outside the door, so once I was out, I enjoyed what they had played. They started moving quickly after in which I followed them for the next little bit just to see what they did, and to get a few pictures of the front ensemble, since it's difficult to do so during the show. I continued this for the time being till their circuit had finished. 

Skipping ahead to the evening, it had started pouring the instant the front ensemble had gotten their equipment out of their storage area, in which we rushed it to the bridge near the steps to give it some cover. While waiting for the rain to pass, the high divers that perform before the Outriders come out did they're set, and at this point in the week I kind of had lost interest after the second viewing, but watched anyways, as it was either that or the rain. Which at some point I started to just stare at puddles, and the designs/patterns on peoples umbrellas they passed. After a relatively short half hour the rain had stopped, and we started to set up. 

I always look forward to the evening set more than the afternoon. Even while I was in the band, it was the same way. Playing a select few songs with the Outriders is always a blast, and they manage to bring some extra energy to the members and the overall sound of the ensemble. You can tell in the way the members act and perform that they enjoy it just as much as the audience does. The show went off without a hitch (from what I could tell), besides the people standing in the front row getting splashed with the wet silks the guard had to deal with. As they were playing they're last song, it started to dribble a little bit, and by the time they left, it had gotten progressively worse. Thankfully all the equipment had been covered with tarps rather quickly, and we began to move all the equipment back.

Today was a good day, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.

4 more days!

Till next time.