Stampede Day Seven

A day I felt that went quite well!

Started off with me trying to figure out how to get this print of a photo I ordered for the members of the band. Which i figured I would just leave a little earlier than normal and go pick it up, and since at this point I still don't have a functioning car, I had to plan this out quite a bit more than usual. Which I kind of messed up because I forgot my bus fare at home, and ended up completely missing the bus. As I'm thinking about it now, it really wouldn't have mattered if I did miss a chunk of Showband's afternoon set, but I felt a slight responsibility to show up on time, and take photos of the band, when in reality there isn't really much responsibility here at all. But I somehow managed to get the print and show up as the band is walking down the steps to perform. I hid the photo print near where the front ensemble stores their equipment, and try to take photos of Showband's set. 

I come to the realization I have no idea what to take photos of at this point. I feel as if I've covered all the bases for photographing, I know what to expect, and I've most likely taken a photo of it, and posted it. So this performance was a lot of me just standing and actually just watching/listening to what was going on. This continued for almost the entirety of the set, and occasionally lifting my camera to snap a photo or two of something I thought was nice (mainly the members interacting/dancing with the audience). I did realize I didn't really have any photos of the drumline, so I took a few photos of them when I thought they were doing something interesting. After their set, I help move a few things back, and see their reaction to the print. They see happy about it, and I'm glad I can do things like this for the members. Not 100% sure what they did with the print even after an explanation, but I'm glad they enjoy it. 

After that I hung around park for a few hours since I had little to nothing to do for for the time between the afternoon set and the evening set. I didn't really feel like following the small ensembles around for today, and was contemplating on how many bags of mini-donuts I should buy. At some point during this thought, I did fall asleep for a brief moment while sitting in the grass, but promptly woke up, due to the noise of someone walking like 5 feet away from me. After some serious thought, I figured that I would regret only buying one bag if I did. So, I went and bought 3 bags of cinnamon-sugar mini-donuts. Now I definitely went into it thinking I would definitely be able to finish them all, and I was mostly determined to do it. But after about a bag and a half, my stomach was not exactly happy with me. I powered through the last of the second bag, and knew that my friends in brass choir would appreciate the snack. So, I went and found them and snuck them the rest of it, and a group of four of them devoured the last bag. 

During that brief moment I was hanging around brass choir, I had a pretty quick chat with my friend who was surprised I was going to stampede everyday and commented on being bored of the band--or at least something along those lines. To be completely fair, I do genuinely enjoy listening to the band, and the musical aspect of it will always be interesting to me since I haven't been around it nearly as long as he has. But as I'm working in a visual field at the moment, I do find the situation a little boring in that aspect. Though I didn't really mention any of this, as my comment was really just along the lines of "the band sounds better than you really think." As it's almost impossible to tell how good the ensemble sounds when you're behind about 1/3 - 1/2 of the sound. Which at that point I headed back to the patch of grass to hang around till the evening set.

Going into the evening set, and similar to the afternoon set, I had no idea what to photograph. I think I've hit a wall in terms of photo ideas around the band, and it's a little frustrating. But like most things, it just takes some time, and possibly a new perspective. Which I have yet to find, and struggled to get what I felt was a great photo. But, I persisted and attempted to maybe find it somewhere in the band. The evening set concludes I feel less than stellar about the photos I've taken, and decide that since that rain hasn't started yet, it would be a good day to go try and watch the evening grandstand show from the other perspective I haven't gotten yet. 

The grandstand show was just as incredible as before, though the spot I ended up getting was a little less than ideal. Where I was stuck behind relatively short people, there was one person at the very front who was quite a bit taller than everyone else, and as I can't shoot through someones head, I just had to deal with it. I also may have accidentally tapped the heads of the people in front of me with my lens to get a few shots that I thought would be good. The whole situation was less than ideal, but I managed and figured if it didn't work out then I at least got a few shots that I could use. I still highly recommend going to the evening grandstand, and supporting the youth programs. 

I left a little early in hopes of missing the crowds, and as I was leaving rain had started to fall, and the fireworks had just started going off. It was amazing to see them from far away, and I hope that the rain holds off on another evening so that I can get photos of the fireworks from the hill outside of park, but at this point I don't think I should hold my breath on this one.

Just 3 more days!

Till next time.