Stampede Day Eight

The weather was absolutely miserable for a majority of the day.

I started my day by picking up my rental car which ended up being a Hyundai Elantra. No problems with it, it's just partially anxiety inducing to drive a car that is not mine since anything that happens to it comes out of my pocket regardless. While with my own car, I could probably just not be bothered to fix something unless it's vital to the vehicles operation. The more I drive it the more I enjoy the new-ish vehicle, but at the same time I miss my somewhat obnoxiously blue Mazda3. 

One of the few photos of Stetsons before they were finished

After getting home form the car rental place, I thought about heading to park at some point. I knew that Showband's afternoon set would most likely be canceled due to the heavy amount of rain that was currently hitting my part of the city (which I could somewhat assume that it was the same for that part of the city as well), so I tried to figure out which of the visiting bands would be the one performing at the 4:00pm spot on the steps. I narrowed it down to it most likely being one of either Stetsons' or Round-up. And a part knew it was Stetsons' so I wanted to go see, and get some good photos of them. Which I would have been able to do if I left at a more reasonable time, and almost completely missed their entire set. Which I was a little sad about, but at that point nothing could be done.

At some point yesterday, the front ensemble section leader (who is a pretty good friend), asked I could take photos of her section. Which I agreed to, not actually really knowing what I agreed to. This wasn't exactly a problem, since I didn't have anything to do, and it involved photos of friends. I don't really do much portrait photography, as I've ended up doing a lot of sport/event/music photography, which is a lot less formal, and doesn't require nearly as much communication. But it's just a bunch of friends, so I figured what the hell (also because I had already said yes, and I would feel kind of awful if i suddenly declined). So we walk around and take group photos of the section, and they all have their inside jokes that I obviously don't understand, and parts of me are pretty okay with that. This continues for about a half hour, and then we call it done, because they got all the things they wanted, and I had no idea what else we could do that could work.

After this little photo-op, I knew that I wouldn't have many other opportunities to take photos of performances since the day was riddled with a large amount of rain. I ended up not really finding anything to photograph around park that I haven't already, and instead sat around sipping on a cup of coffee till I knew the front ensemble would need help moving their equipment to the steps.

Now even though the rain had lightened up significantly since the morning, it was still a constant drizzle outside, only occasionally lightening up to almost no rain but just enough to notice if you looked hard enough. In the end the evening steps did happen, it was just shortened, and the front ensemble ended up playing cymbals because of the slight increase in rain. Even with the rain, Showband still performed well, and sounded great. Though not the best, it was fun to watch. 

Day Nine appears to have another photo-op which will surely read about here. Hopefully the rain holds off for a little bit in the morning.

And just 2 more amazing days, and this little adventure at The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth will be over. 

Till next time.

Kien Le