Stampede Day Nine

This ended up being a longer day than I had anticipated. More so, I agreed to something and forgot that I would be spending a large amount of time on park. 

Today started out a little earlier than usual, as the colorguard section--similar in a way to the front ensemble--had a pretty day, where they got dressed all nice and wanted to do a little bit of a photoshoot out by this little area called 'the ruins' which is really just a bunch of nicely placed bricks to look like arches of a fallen castle of sorts. It's a very popular place for photoshoots and today wasn't much different with the entire colorguard having a little photo-op there. Anyways, I was asked to help with today and take photos of the section where needed. There were two other photographers that are always there, and then me as a new comer of sorts. I really don't do much photography of posed individuals, so I was a little bit out of my element during this entire thing, and I never really got the chance to ever get to know the colorguard section while I was in band, so it was a little odd for me to be doing this, but I also had the other two photographers who seemed a little more confident in what they were doing, so I more so just piggy-backed off them a little bit. It was fun taking photos in that area with a bunch of wonderful individuals, and would like to do it again sometime later. 

After this lovely part of the afternoon, I grabbed a coffee from the Tim Hortons on the grounds, and sat down. Where time seemed to be going slower than it usually does, and the fact that I was seemingly going to be on the grounds for another 12 hours after this point scared me a little bit, since I haven't done a long day like this in a few months and I was not prepared for it in the slightest. During long days like this one was going to be, I always had extra food, or at the very least money to buy food, and plenty of sleep. I clearly had neither of these, as I have been putting the deadline for all these posts and the images accompanying them to about 12-hours after the day finishes. Which is probably a little ridiculous, but I figured if I did this then all the images I liked would be out for sure, and my friends would be able to enjoy them on their breaks. 

It had been drizzling all morning, and the front ensemble ended up not setting up, their regular equipment. Similar to the previous day, they played their cymbals instead. The show went quite well, and was quite short due to the lack of equipment, but was great to hear none-the-less. I stood at the front and struggled a little bit to get photos I thought were any amount of good, wasn't exactly sure what I was doing at the time, and even thinking back to it I had no idea what I was doing. Which could have been the tired setting in from the morning, but I couldn't exactly tell you.

After their afternoon set had ended I walked around with a few people on a search for a drink we all had while in Brazil. Found somewhere in the international pavilion, we bought a can each and sat around for a while talking about little things. The details of all this are a little blurring, and I honestly don't think we did a whole lot during this, but at some point after we sat and drank a bottle of wine in the wine garden with my girlfriends parents before heading off to watch Round-up perform. Which was going quite well, except for the fact it started raining quite a bit. It was all coming down quite hard and everyone stayed under the bridge for a while, and stopped after about 15-20 minutes.

After this point do have a little bit of a hard time actually remembering what happened. So fastforwarding to the latter half of the day, I decided to head to the chuckwagon races for the first time, and found them to be incredible. It was still pretty rainy, and the track had more or less turned into soup, so everyone at the rail got splattered with a lot of mud--myself included. Though not nearly as bad that the chuck drivers or the outriders, I mostly didn't intend to get dirty. But it happened anyways, and I had some fun trying to get some decent shots while staying relatively clean. 

I stayed at the chucks for a bit, and only missed the first little bit of the Showband's evening steps show. I was a little more refreshed after doing something new, but I am still having a relatively hard time figuring out how to take photos of the band at this point. Which made it a little difficult to enjoy anything happening, but at least the music was pretty good.

Last thing of the night was the evening Grandstand show. Which I decided to watch from the top since I had gotten some nice photos before hand. It was nice and there are a few things you can only really appreciate from that far, but the same can be said standing right up front at the stage. The show is till spectacular from the top.

A really early morning for me tomorrow, so this is where I will end it

One. More. Day.

Till next time.

Kien Le