Stampede Day Two

This was actually quite similar to Day One, with only a few minor differences throughout the rest of the day.

My day started relatively similarly too, with getting to park just a little bit before the Showband marched down the Saddledome Steps to  start their set. I realized yesterday, I find the best spots to shoot are off to the side, at least that's where I feel I can get the most interesting shots. Or maybe that just means I should figure out how to get decent shots from the very front... 

Moving along, the afternoon set went very well. Afterwards I watched a bit of what the grandstand had to offer in terms of barrel racing, and bull riding. I personally was there to see people fall off animals, and to actually experience a rodeo since I've usually been to busy too, or because I didn't an interest in it. But it is quite spectacular to watch. After a certain point the clouds started to look more menacing, and rain was slowly starting to fall.

What now seems like a safe have of sorts for me at this point is the Western Oasis. Though normally quiet and relatively empty space, was packed full of people due to the rain. This one instance instead of me essentially freeloading in the area, I went and sat in the Wine Garden, and split a bottle between my girlfriend and a mutual friend we have that we marched with previously while in the band. We got all caught up and talked about how things have been going, and ran into another friend who we all marched with and also is part of the Band of Outriders. We all had a good talk for a little while, and soon after we all headed out and went our different ways.

I headed to the Steps to catch the Showbands' evening set, and it was a lot busier than I had ever seen or really ever expected. I never truly knew how many people actually came and watched Showband perform, as I was usually on the steps performing, but in this instance, There were people all around watching the performance today. Which did make the process of taking good pictures of the band a little more challenging, but I'm not going to really complain a whole lot. It's always fun seeing them perform and the smile they put on peoples faces. 

Afterwards, I headed straight for the grandstand to mainly try and see if i could get a better spot for the Grandstand Evening Show, but I also caught the last little bit of the Chuckwagon races, which was nice. After the chucks ended, a few people left, but most stayed for the evening show, but I managed to get right next to the stage--though in a similar situation where I am off to the left, I was just a little closer to the centre, which is better and isn't too much of a problem. Although I did watch it the day before, I still enjoyed watching the show, and found new things to focus on while watching the second time around. I'll be sure to catch it from the other side of the stage, as well as be far enough away from park to appreciate the spectacular fireworks show they have this year.

Only 8 more days! Till next time.